• Priyanka Ghosh

A Story to Tell

'And here comes,

The Great Fighter,

Bright as a star, even brighter

Watch him fight for glory

It would be one hell of a story...'

The lights shift onto the stage

people forget everything beyond the cage

Steps on the man

only to get paid

he would buy fresh food,

as little Annie had said

In this morning,

over leftovers of last night

not much left, almost over,

he could hardly bear the sight

He needed medicine,

but needed her more

pain comes and goes,

but the heart stays sore

For nights when it gets very cold

he finds the last blanket is sold

trying to wrap both in his jacket

he realizes how small is the bracket

Woken up at the late hour,

she eats her fill

urges her father too,

to have his share

But the way she cares

is all he needs to dare

to be amidst all those beasts,

shouting, bidding, greedy for a feast

Tomorrow when he walks in,

and Ring the bell,

yes, in his heart,

He would carry a hell of a story... to tell.

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