• Arjita Srivastava

Creating your wings

Good morning y'all! So here's the thing for today. Last night I couldn't sleep and I ended up listening to some random podcasts on Spotify and I came across this really amazing thing that I'd really like to share. In our ancient cultural scriptures, the Bhagvat Gita precisely, there's this little tale that's there to demonstrate a very important great lesson about life which I would try to convey now.

In a village somewhere, there once came a flood. All the houses and streets drowned in water and all living beings ran for their lives. Those who could safe themselves did and the others were drowned in. There was this big, huge tree in the village though, so a man climbed it and sat on its topmost branch thinking that now he can be saved from the flood. Just beside him, came and sat a little bird too. They both sat there on the branch of the tree in silence for a while. But suddenly there was a cracking sound and they noticed that the branch of the tree on which they are sitting is about to break. Soon the branch fell and the man too, he drowned but the bird flew away and saved herself. This little demonstration basically states the tree being symbolic of life and for men who when challenges come either fall or fly. In order to fly, just as the bird did, one must have inner values and strength to create their wings so that no matter what happens, when life turns around you know when to take a flight.

This little tale for today really made me ponder over the unpredictability of life, that today it can be something and tomorrow a nothing. That nothing, really nothing lasts forever. But the real forever in true sense consists of the nows, of the present moment.

It also says that when in anxiety season sets in for you, you oweing to your human nature may fall in grief but wiser are those who know when to get out of it at the right time. It's fine to grieve when one might have had a major set back but only as long as it is supposed to. Once the tears have dried, you should chin up and head forth for what can be done next. And that's something so important in life. That pain is something very inevitable and it has to be felt by every being in this physical state of life, for it's necessary. But suffering, in the end, is a decision. It's an option. To suffer is completely one's very personal choice. So it's all up to you to suffer or not.

I know these things might be all highly wisely talks and that it is indeed easier said than done. But try is something we all can do. For at the end of this venture of seeking a better you lies an actually better, amazing, and prettier you. So with little notion for today, I bid my adios and ahead making a note from today on to becoming a better self. How? Well, choices! Keeping a close watch on them. And we already have made one.

Love, Sera!

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