• Fabiola Lobo

Education Is As Important As You Think

Is education the way to solving one of the world's most dominant issue, poverty? There are around 157 countries under the category of developing. All of these countries receive a medium to low income; they are falling behind when it comes to industrial, agricultural, and technological advances, yet all of these problems derive from different roots. Surely, the lack of education is a factor that they all have in common. If we want to end the colossal issue that poverty is, then we have to take the highest measures to achieve that. Not only do we have to change the educational system, but we also have to shift where we set our attention. We have to prioritize and think ahead to focus on achieving long term solutions.

What are we doing wrong? Children not being able to go to school come from diverse factors. It is not only the government and their apathy towards funding good quality education but also the vast amount of families who put their children to work. Let's also think about the society we live in. We are a part of a society where disabled children are discriminated against and not given the education they deserve. Young girls are being left out of opportunities because they are instilled to stay at home and take care of their family duties.

I would like to focus on a more realistic perspective. First, let's remember that "change is not only possible but necessary". Children who live in families that are not economically stable would be benefited more from classes that inculcate skills like problem-solving, tolerance, proper communication (aside from reading and writing), and vital life skills. Children need to learn skills that will help them overcome their situation.

It is not only about what children are being taught in school, but also how they are being taught. Their environment, books, materials, classrooms, and teachers need to be up to their job for the quality education these kids need. Hence, here is where the government and funding take place, but they do not seem to look at education as something that they should put first in line. I strongly believe that if we can change this perspective and rearrange the prioritizations to quality education, we will tackle so many more issues that will eventually ensure the development of the country.

There are endless reasons why education is so important. These range from reducing child labor to forming a community that yearns for the wellness of their country. It is especially important for low-income countries. Language barriers, discrimination, conflict zones, violence, the environment, not having a decent level of hygiene, and gender inequality are factors that do not allow kids to attend school. Education is a fundamental human right for everyone.

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