• Andrea Midence

I hate lists, but this one has taught me a lot:

1. Not everything has to make sense

2. Happiness is a choice, like everything else in life

3. Apathy is not safety, let yourself feel

4. You can not control what other people think of you

5. Being realistic is not the same as being negative, and vice versa

6. Stress is the most dangerous emotion, relaxing is essential

7. Appreciate the way people are

8. Honesty and truth are more different than you think

9. You don’t always have to trust yourself, being wrong is not being dumb

10. You can not control everything

11. Developing mental strength is more important than you think

12. Be grateful

13. Asking for help is not being weak

14. Stop comparing anything and everything

15. Success is a product of habit

16. The only problem with your life is the way you think about it

17. Learn to work without motivation

18. Focus on how life feels not how it looks

19. Do not seek comfort

20. Life is abstract

21. The problem is that you are the solution

22. Having preferences is not wrong

23. See souls instead of bodies

24. There is no such thing as the “right time”

25. Evil exists in all of us, we choose if it defines us

26. Stop expecting

27. Simplicity

28. All things are good

29. Nothing is permanent

30. Walk your own path

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