• Alejandra Gómez

It’s Party Time in Halloween Town!

Olivia never really liked Halloween. All the fuss of dressing up, and attempting to look spooky never sparked a bit of enthusiasm in her. “Let’s dress up this year,” her boyfriend insisted and continued, “they are going to throw the best Halloween party of the year at Frank’s abandoned mansion down on 6th street, we have to go!” The iconic duo, Bonnie and Clyde. They could hear the loud music, even before opening the mansion gates. They were all dressed up quite well, and the decorations were impressive. When midnight struck, Olivia’s boyfriend stood up and hugged her. He was too drunk to even stand. His gun was pointed at her. “Shoot me, I’ll play dead,” she hollered and stood up to perform the act. The bullet instantly went in through her chest and out her back. Was it real? The screams and cries were heard all over town. There she lay, with her delicate hand on her chest and her blond hair shining as bright as the moon’s glow. Policemen were all over the mansion looking for someone to say something about the dead body that lay in the incandescent living room. “Olivia Jablo, beloved daughter and sister, 2003-2020” her tomb read. Her boyfriend was nowhere to be found. His guilt was as heavy as the rocks on 4th street. People's tears were the only ones that watered that poor cemetery. Ten people were buried there, Olivia was the eleventh. Father Elias finished his prayer and lay condolences to the family. All started walking slowly down the hill that led to the cripply old gates. Marcos, her brother was the last one to leave. He loved Olivia so much. He held the top of the coffin, and before closing it, he thought he saw her long lashes flicker, and a green shimmer pop, but that was crazy wasn’t it?