• Andrea Midence

Peace Is Up to Us

Many say the color white resembles peace, I’ve got to learn that peace has no color. Peace is within you; it is a feeling you so eagerly want to describe but can’t find the words to. Peace is being a little more of ourselves and a lot less non accepting of others. Peace is gratitude, it’s love, it’s the whole rainbow in fact, and those colors who are not part of it too; peace is found in midst of all the chaos. To work towards peace, we first have to find peace with and in ourselves, it’s like the saying; how can you love others when you don’t love yourself. You cannot give what you do not have. As a country, we get so offended when we are called a third world country but the thing is we are what we make of ourselves, and I can for a fact say peace does not live within many of us. Injustices I can name many but one that takes the spotlight since the start of the pandemic is the injustices that affect the development and good being of the youth. There is a weak social protection and a basically nonexistent system that guarantees the compliance of human rights. Millions of Hondurans are facing the effect of the pandemic because of the governments that over time have adversely affected the public funds; therefore, are responsible for the problems that the pandemic is causing in the most vulnerable areas in our country due to the lack of income, a failed education system, damaged and separated communities which still live without vital resources and were educating children in the midst of the pandemic is being the worst damage to the professional development of those who will be “the future” of this country.

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