• Seerat Sohal

The Golden Letter

Clouds of swirling sunlight form your crown, your smile composed of sparkling laughter and tranquil ocean waves that promise mirth.

Your curls are sunflower meadows with yellow tulips sprinkled in, someone running through the fields without a care in the world, hands caressing each flower, as the feeling of sheer liberty embraces their skin.

You are unfiltered happiness, the very sensation of adoration, and the breath escaping one’s lips as they stand in awe of a majestic statue from Ancient Greece.

You are all the breathtaking beauty in the world, the tremendous force that carves canyons and shapes mountains, the cooling breeze that lovingly tickles one’s hair, the raindrops that wait an eternity to dance on the earth with their beloveds.

You are an ember of hope, lighting up the hearts of all the souls lucky enough to have met you. You are the grace waltzing between dance partners, the beauty laced in a heartfelt song, the wanderlust hiding in the ruins of ancient castles.

Your voice is pure magic, reminiscent of a drive in movie theater, with loved ones piled into an antique blue car as a Frank Sinatra song hums on the radio.

Yet this does not do you justice.

No word can ever describe your magnificence. If you are a universe containing an infinite amount of planets and stars, then putting your glory to words is akin to forcing the cosmos inside a child’s music box.

At the very least, the best I can do is forever immortalize you in a series of heartfelt words.

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