• Hrishika Sharma

Who am I?

Who am I

I am often asked to describe myself

To define myself

To be myself

But does anyone know who they truly are.

It seems that in life, our personalities are stuck behind bars.

‘Who are you?” They ask.

Who is anyone but

Someone less in the eyes of others

Someone great in another

Just a mechanical body following the hours of the day


The mind works away in ideas



What one could have achieved...

Who was I?

Before knowledge struck me;

Am I even as smart as I claim to be

Who will I be

Will I ever achieve something

To make myself worth it

To prove myself fit

Will my dreams come true

Like blooming flowers in a garden


Will they wither slowly

Will I be less than

Like always

In this ruthless world

Where only numbers hold importance

Will I struggle

And fail?

Will I see no light

Will I lose part of me on the way…

Who knows?

I am just a person

A human

Who wishes, sometimes, that she didn’t know about so much

That the world was kinder,

That people were like her

Judgements ahh judgements

They are always there

Like shadows they haunt me

Leave me in despair

Then I ask, how can I be me when everyday

I am learning just how to be free?

At the end, I say, we are all like water—

Shapeless, Spineless, purposeless,

Racing through our lives

to find meaning

in uncertainty

and joy

in adversity

Like water we trickle through this world

Like ice we fit in with rules

with laws

with constructs

I don’t know if I will ever be the person in my best dreams

All I know,

Although little


Like water’s persistence,

I will not quit.

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