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Why You Should Stretch Towards Your Goals and Not Chase Your Goals

We are often told since childhood '' you have to go through struggle in life''.... ''only after you grind yourself through suffering can you achieve success''...... ''Only those who push themselves away from their limits ignoring their mental and physical pain get what they want in life''.

We often doubt our potential because we feel that we aren't working hard enough and not meeting the criteria for achieving success that society or these so-called ''motivational speakers'' set up. And a huge reason why people fail is because they just feel that they don't deserve what they want out of life cause they believe they aren't working hard 'enough'.

Your body is not meant for taking huge leaps of mental and physical changes in one shot. Yes, you can willingly push your body through tough changes but it surely won't give you optimal results. Just working hard endlessly in the desire to get results won't make you feel content neither will it give you the results you want. You only get results when you feel nurtured with enjoyment while practicing your craft. Only when you stop demanding the results from your craft and learn to have fun in working for the craft itself you will feel real happiness and get pure loved results. Grinding endless hours and ignoring the fundamental needs of your body such as sleep and rest will surely not make you feel enjoyed rather make you feel burnt out.

Many people give up cause they just work for the results and when they don't seem to see get the results, they feel shattered feeling they wasted all their energy and time for nothing. Whereas people who do what they do for the sake of enjoyment and don't desire a specific amount of outcome out of their actions purely enjoy their life smoothly and get the best results. They don't feel bad when they don't see results as they don't have any intention to get any sort of outcome out of their actions.

The nature of achieving progress isn't linear with the time you put working on it. This means that you won't see results immediately after working for something. You may feel zero results from your effort but after a certain large amount of time spend on something you will see the results suddenly shoot up from zero to 100 and then you may realize that all your efforts have reaped the equal amount of results you deserved. This is why people who work for the results often feel disappointed and disheartened as they don't see results quick enough.

Let me explain the above philosophy with an example: Like any plant, the growth of the Chinese Bamboo Tree requires nurturing – water, fertile soil, sunshine. The tree does not come up even an inch above the ground in spite of 4 years of care. In the fifth year, the tree shoots up 80 feet tall in just six weeks! Now that how the system of results works.

Progress doesn't occur by getting out of our comfort zone. Rather it takes place by extending our comfort zones gradually. Just stretching a little bit rather than fiercely running will give you happiness and optimal results. And when you slowly stretch the range of your comfort zone is when you teach your body to adapt to changes by feeling challenged and happy at the same time.

Let's say you want to read a book of 100 pages, but you feel reading just isn't your thing. Well, if you read 1/4 of a page every day you will have finished the book by the end of two years. Then you can slowly start to increase your reading practice by maybe 1 or 2 pages per day and by the end of a couple of years you will have adjusted to the habit of reading effortlessly and gained immense knowledge by putting less effort. Now that is what you call extending your comfort zone by gradually stretching.

Hope this insight can make a positive difference in your life! Stay tuned.


Art: Andrea Midence

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