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Women In Science

Women in Science,

This is for you:

For how mankind would advance without you,

We wouldn’t have a clue.

Epoch-making, incredible and profound-

Curie’s work was helped overturn the ideas in physics and chemistry,

Maria Mayer won a Nobel prize for constructing the model of an atom-shell,

And Rosalind Franklin had worked on X-ray diffraction,

Women have put science into action.

Education for women,

Is such a tough mission,

But becomes so easy when there are people like you.

A lab coat and goggles over a dress,

Simply stunning and stylish.

It is a hard road from discrimination to success,

That words cannot even begin to express,

But you make yourself heard in a room full of men,

And innovate ideas for that wouldn’t even strike them.

The knowledge you behold,

Has a worth of not even a billion necklaces of pure gold.

Women in Science,

I applaud you.

For you make the world go-'round,

Even if it doesn’t wait for you.

Women in Science,

I applaud you.

For you make the world go-'round,

Even when it doesn’t wait for you.

Art Illustration: Andrea Midence

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